Immeasurable Contributions

Immeasurable Contributions: Santa Monica Women during World War II



American Women were crucial to the war effort- especially in Santa Monica. With so many men away at the front, women joined Douglas Aircraft in droves to build, test, and deliver necessary aircraft, patrolled the beaches on civil defense patrols, spearheaded and supported war bond efforts, served in service organizations that provided entertainment and goods to the troops, and even joined the armed services.

In honor of Women’s History Month and in collaboration with the City of Santa Monica’s Commission on the Status of Women, the Santa Monica History Museum is honoring Santa Monica Women of World War II in our Discover the History program.  Immeasurable Contributions will include a slide show of historical photographs, a corresponding short talk and focus exhibit.

The celebration of women’s Immeasurable Contributions to World War II will take place on March 16th, 2014, from 2pm – 4pm at the Santa Monica History Museum, 1350 7th St, Santa Monica, CA 90401. Doors open at 1pm and parking is available in the adjacent parking garage.