Bob Gabriel Co. – Insurance

“Without the support and interest of its citizens, no community can hope for a better lifestyle, or a constant improvement in the happiness and well-being of its people.”  This statement appeared in the Santa Monica Centennial tabloid in the Evening Outlook newspaper in 1975, and like all truisms, it still rings true. Bob Gabriel believed in this philosophy throughout his life. In 1954, Gabriel became a partner in an agency that began in 1936 and in 1957, he bought out the agency ad named it Bob Gabriel Co.– Insurance. Bob Gabriel Co. believes in personalized services and has kept that philosophy in practice for over five decades. Clients have felt his and the staffs’ warm personal style. May of the original customers have stayed with the company, even passing down from generation to generation. Employees of long standing have enjoyed working with clients in a long-term relationship that have been acquired over the years, which still applies today. Besides giving his best to the business, Bob Gabriel gave over 50 years of service to the community in civic affairs and community activities. Bob co-founded the Santa Monica History Museum and was a steady contributor since the organization was founded in 1975. His major contribution was used toward the build-out of the new museum.


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