Dr. John E. Gilmore

Dr. John E. Gilmore, renowned for being one of the first to implant intraocular lens, later taught ophthalmologists his technique through classes at Santa Monica Hospital. He performed his last cataract surgery at the age of 76. Dr. Gilmore volunteered in the Army Air Corps where he became a flight surgeon. In World War II, he served as 90th Bombardment Squadron Flight Surgeon and flew 27 combat missions in B-52’s. Following the end of the war, he was promoted to full colonel. Dr. Gilmore served six years in the U.S. Army Forces and was awarded over a dozen medals. All through his life, he thought about the needs of others. In a statement before he passed away, Dr. Gilmore said, “For those who feel Santa Monica has been part of their lives, I urge them to support the museum and help make it a major attraction.”  Dr. Gilmore mad a major contribution toward the build-out of the museum and generously remembered the museum in his will.


jgilmore - Dr. John E. Gilmore