Morley Builders

Led by CEO Mark Benjamin, Morley Builders is co-owned by its nearly 200 employees. Morley Builders contracts its services through two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Morley Construction Company and Benchmark Contractors, Inc. Our mission is to be an innovative and entrepreneurial company of individuals with integrity, working together to build quality projects with pride and dignity. The overriding principle we all share is integrity of character. From this flows the traits of honesty, respect for others, ethical behavior, and being profitable without being predatory.  Southern California has been our home since our founding in 1947, and it is home to all of our employees. The area has been good to us and the company has, since the earliest years, given back to the community through the institutions and program that bring a city to life and nurture its future. Morley Builders is proud to support the Santa Monica History Museum and its mission of making the rich history, art, and culture of the Santa Monica Bay area accessible to everyone, in part through its Morley Builders Santa Monica and California Research Library.


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