Phila Caldwell

Phila Caldwell lived on Adelaide Drive in the Isaac Milbank home built in 1911 by her grandparents. It was the third house built on that block of Adelaide Drive. Phila remembered visiting the house as a child in the summers and winters. During World War II Phila met her husband George while working as an Air Raid Warning volunteer. They married in 1943 and sometime after the way they began living in the house, eventually purchasing from the family having fallen in love with it and its beautiful views of the canyon and the ocean.  They started a silk screening business in the garage of their home that eventually led George manufacturing one of the first microchips used in computers. Both Phila and George were committed to community philanthropy, supporting numerous educational, historical, family support, and conservation institutions in Southern California. Phila remembered the Santa Monica History Museum in her will with a $100,000 bequest. An in 2002, Phila established the home’s landmark status to preserve it for the community.


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