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Permanent Exhibition

The permanent exhibit gallery is designed to serve school children, residents and tourists by offering opportunities for them to  engage in the rich history of Santa Monica. It will provide specific and relevant stories of Santa Monica over time, enhanced with authentic artifacts, fabricated environments, interactive exhibits, audio/video programs and graphic and photographic panels.

Santa Monica Time Line

An introductory time line provides visitors with an orientation and framework from which to view the rest of the exhibition.  The time line contains artifacts in cases, photos, text and graphics, which trace the origins and inhabitants of Santa Monica from the earliest Native Americans through the 1930s. Content in this center exhibit focuses on the history leading up to the  founding of the city and into its early developments, leveraging real artifacts to help tell important stories.


Donald Douglas Aircraft
 Donald Douglas Aircraft Visitors enter a replica of the middle section of one of Douglas’ aircraft, setup as if it was under-construction. A diorama shows graphics and photos and artifacts inset into reading rail cases on either side of the plane tell the stories of those who were a part of the creation of Douglas’ aircraft.
In The Headlines of the Outlook Newspaper
  Visitors interact with the history of Santa Monica by placing themselves into one of five different “front page” stories from Santa Monica’s past. Visitors sit between a camera and a green screen; they then touch the screen to select a photo option. The camera then takes a photo, and the computer composites the visitor image into a page view and it appears on both screens.
Then & Now
“Then & Now” images allow a simple and immediate understanding and experience of how Santa Monica’s landscape has evolved. It also allows visitors to compare the visual impacts to the landscape. By interacting with the touch screen map of Santa Monica, visitors can select a specific location, activating a video screen that shows the history of that location and how it has developed.